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The first Anthelmintic of Kimia Biotechnology Company

Ivermectin 0.2% Dosage Form: Oral Solution Each ml contains: Ivermectin    2 mg For the treatment and control of...


ketoconazole 2% with a special formulation for the animal

ketoconazole 2% topical ointment with a special formulation for the treatment of cutaneous fungal infections...


Ceftiofur LC (the third generation of Cephalosporin antibiotics)

New Intramammary infusion in lactating cow only.Ceftiofur is the third generation of Cephalosporin antibiotics.for the...


The first poultry product of Kimia Biotechnology Co.

Tilmicosin 25%Oral SolutionEach ml contains: Tilmicosin (Phosphate) 250 mgFor the treatment of respiratory infections associated...

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Kimia Biotechnology Company was established in 1377 with the aim of producing animal medicines and biological products, and now it is one of the largest and most reliable producers of MC and DC intramammary ointments, eye ointments, skin ointments and oral medicinal solutions in the country.

This company relies on expert and experienced personnel, having standard production lines, R&D department and chemistry, microbiology and physics laboratories, QC unit (quality control) and aiming to meet the country’s pharmaceutical needs at the highest quality level in accordance with international standards. and has been able to take a major share of the country’s veterinary medicine market.

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