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Kimia Biotechnology Co. was established 1998 with the aim of producing veterinary and biological products and is now one of the largest and most reputable manufactures in the field of sterile intramammary and intrauterine infusions, sterile ophthalmic ointments,Topical ointments and oral dosage form in iran.

This company relies on expert and experienced personnel, has standard production lines, R&D department and chemistry, microbiology and physics laboratories, QC (quality control) unit and aims to provide the country's pharmaceutical needs at the highest quality level in accordance with international standards. and has been able to take a major share of the country's veterinary medicine market.

Currently, the number of products of Kimia Biotechnology Company is forty items, including MC and DC mammary ointments, oral antibiotics, decongestants, eye ointments, skin ointments, 100% edible liquid paraffin and lubricant gels, which are used in the treatment of induration and examinations. is. Also, soon new products will be added to its pharmaceutical products portfolio. The main slogan of this company is commitment, quality, innovation and customer orientation, and it always adheres to these four principles.

Kimia Biotechnology Co. (Private Equity), with over 20 years of experience in supplying veterinary medicines and ointments, business activities, marketing, research and emphasis on world-class knowledge and technologies and qualitative infrastructure required Works on human capital and standards approved by national authorities to create a healthy and vibrant society.

Setting up a site for the production of injectable drugs, a site for the production of antibiotic products and powdered and soluble vitamins, antibiotic sprays and disinfectant solutions by 1403 is one of the prospects of this collection.

  • Commitment and business innovation
  • Keeping up to date with world standards
  • Commit to continuous improvement of quality, products and services
  • Promoting customer-oriented attitude in the organization
  • Maintain commitment to organizational goals
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