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برچسب ها: ,

Year of 1398 was the year of development, continuous effort and improvement in production, a trend that will continue in the new year.

As the managing director of Kimia Biotechnology Co., while thanking all my coworkers, who, while maintaining and optimizing the quality, spent all their energy on supplying, producing and distributing the products.

I would like to thank and appreciate the service of the  provincial distributors, active pharmacists and valuable and effective clinicians who have taken the labor to offer the products  to the consumers or used them,
It is hoped that in the new year, with hard effort the grace and care of God, this reliable relationship will be stronger and more successful, and we will be able to continue to serve our dear cooperators and dear compatriots by offering new and quality products.

Wishing everyone health and well-being and relieving the every pain.

With Respect,

Hamid Reza Azari

Managing Director of Kimia Biotechnology Co.

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