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In this article, we will discuss salt deficiency, a metabolic disease in large livestock.

Factors that cause salt deficiency in large livestock include:

1) In lactation period, it is due to salt excretion through milk.

2) In growing cattle, low salt or free of salt diets (such as cereals)

3) In hot weather due to perspiration and excretion of sodium, salt deficiency may occur.

4) High potassium reduces the plant uptake of sodium and continuous feeding with high potassium plants can lead to salt deficiency.

Clinical symptoms of salt deficiency:

The affected animal has polyuria, polydipsia, and pica, and often lacerates doors and walls. It also has weight loss and reduced production.


The feed salt should be provided. Depending on the weather, the salt content of the diet varies from 0.5 to 2%.

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