Intra-Uterine sterile infusion

  • Metrikim is indicated for the treatment of subacute and chronic endometritis in cows (at least 14 days after parturition) caused by bacteria sensitive to cephapirin. Important endrometritis pathogenes sensitive to cephapirin include actinommyces (coryne bacterium) pyogenes and anaerobic bacteria such as fusobacterium necrophorum and black pigmented gram negative anaerobes. Metrikim can also be used to treat repeat breeder cases (more than three unsuccessful inseminations) if bacterial infections aresuspected to be than cause of the fertility problem.
  • For veterinary use only
category: Intrauterine antibiotics, Products
tag: antibiotics, Uterine problems
Composition: – Cephapirin (benzathine) 500mg
–Vegetable oily base q.s. 19g
Dosage & Administration: Shake well before use.
– The content one of Metrikim syringe should be introduced into the lumen of the uterus using the disposable catheter provided.
1- Fix the syringe to the catheter.
2- Take the cervix of the uterus into one gloved hand introduced into the rectum.
3- Introduce the catheter through the cervix into the lumen of the uterus by gentle oscillating.
4- Inject Metrikim. – One treatment whit Metrikim is usually sufficient for a compelet cure.
– In animals that have been inseminated, Metrikim may be used at one day after insemination.
– Incases of pyometrial pretreatment whith prostaglandins is recommended in order to induce luteolysis and to remove debris from the uterine cavity.
Storage: Store between 15-25 c, protect from freezing
Cautions: – Hypersensitivity to cephalosporins should be considered.
– Avoid contact whith skin, eyes and mucus.
– Do not use whith other intra-uterines products simulataneusly.
– Keep out of reach of children.
Withdrawal time: – Meat: 48 hours
– Milk: nill
Packaging: Boxes of 10 syringes, 10 catheters and 10 gloves.
Refer to the Provincial Representatives link to purchase the product and stock information.

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