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Oral Solution
Each ml contains: Acetyl tributyl citrate 1g
Mechanism of Action:
Kimi Terol reduces the surface tension of foamy bubbles and allowing the gas trapped inside them to escape and belched out by animal.
For the relief of gaseous and frothy bloat in cattle and small ruminants caused by:
-Grazing of young green and legume or legume-dominant pasture (in Spring)
-The high content of concentrate in livestock diet.
-A sudden change in the transition from forage to grain diets
-Change in the microbial flora of the rumen.
– Ruminal atony caused by vagal nerve disorders
– Physical obstruction of the esophagus

Administration & Dosage:
Cattle: mix 20-30 ml of this liquid with water and administer as a drench or inject directly into the rumen.
Sheep: mix 5-10 ml of Kimi Terol with water and administer as a drench.
Treatment may be repeated after 10 hours if necessary.

1-Keep out of reach of children.
2-It is preferred that medicated water be fed through a gastric tube to facilitate the exit of gas and reduces the risk of inhalation pneumonia.
3- In acute cases where the animal is trapped due to severe bloating, the drug can be injected directly into the rumen.
4-In bloating, it is recommended to use injectable antihistamines concurrently. Because of the high level of the released histamines.

Withdrawal Time: Non
Prohibited usage: Non
The use of this drug is permitted in pregnant and lactating cattle.
Storage: Keep in below 25°c .Protect from direct sunlight and freezing.
Packaging: Bottles of 120,240 ml

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