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Oral Solution


Propylene Glycol                                           30%

Calcium Chloride                                          5.45%

Glucose                                                          10%


Glycocim rapidly increases calcium and glucose blood level significantly.

  • Propylene glycol acts as a glucose precursor, triggering the production of more glucose from the liver. This will help elevate glucose blood level, assist the removal of ketones and accelerate the rate of general metabolic.
  • The calcium in Glycocim is absorbed within 5 minutes after oral administration and has a long-lasting effect in the blood.
  • Sugar in Glycocim is an easy-access source of energy for freshening cattle to offset the energy shortage caused by metabolic diseases such as milk fever and ketosis.


For the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases in cattle susceptible to milk fever and ketosis. Glycocim has also a significant effect on the metabolic problems caused by obesity and slimness, placental abnormalities, stiffness and chronic diseases by improving the function of liver. Increasing production efficiency, returning to estrous cycles, and improving the health of ovarian follicules are the other therapeutic effects of Glycocim.

Dosage & Administrations:

One liter daily from 2 days before the calving date till the next 7 days for each cow.

Glycocim can be administered via drenching gun, gastric catheter, mixing on the feed or in the drinking water .


Keep in below 25° c, protect from direct sunlight and freezing.


Keep out of reach of children.


Bottle of 1 liter and 4 liter gallon.

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