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عفونت بند ناف در گوساله ها
Navel infection in calves

The fetus feeds on the cow’s blood through the navel cord that is attached to the placenta and the fetus’s bladder enters the placenta through the cord. Cow give birth when the cattle site is not clean and disinfected, which can lead to navel cord infections, and which is why it is best to treat cervical infections as they can cause death.

Normally, the newborn calf’s cord will dry out after 4-5 days if it is disinfected and not sucked by other calves.

If the environment and location of the newborn calf is not sanitized or the calf is not fully closed, you will experience calf navel cord infection, which can lead to severe calf weakness and even fever and decreased appetite for calf milk. In the end it leads to the death of the calf.

A number of lambs, goats and calves are infected with bacterial contamination due to navel cord disinfection followed by infection with navel cord, liver and spinal cord abscesses and some of them die.

Prevention of calf cord infection:

The disinfectant solution, which contains an iodine-containing alcoholic solution, should be used sufficiently for the hanged navel cord.

Benefits of disinfection of calf navel cord with alcoholic solution:

-Wash dirt and pathogens

– iodine-containing alcoholic solution kills germs.

-An alcoholic base helps dry the cord to prevent and damage pathogens that enter the calf’s body through the navel cord.

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