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Paraffin oil
Paraffin Oil

Paraffin is a petrochemical product obtained from the purification of crude oil that has various toxic and non-toxic impurities. However paraffin is best known for its application in candle making, it can be produced by removing unwanted substances and purifying it into a pure paraffin, which is known as liquid paraffin. It is marketed to various levels of liquidation and removal of toxic and harmful substances. It should be noted that edible paraffin is a perfectly transparent, tasteless, odorless hydrocarbon, and it should be noted that only this type of paraffin is capable of oral and therapeutic use. Any remaining residual byproducts in liquid paraffin, brings this type of paraffin into the industry grades. The consequences of using this type of industrial oil for livestock are not clear due to its short economic life. Unfortunately, with a increase in the price of paraffin, compared to last year, it has seen a combination of both type of edible and industrial paraffin products or in some cases use a less refined of them in some workshops and factories for the purpose of greater profits and sales, that is thought provoking.
Kimia Biotechnology Co. with its motto and act to commitment, quality, innovation and customer orientation. is proud to announce that the paraffin used in its edible products is pure edible paraffin and complies with USP and BP standards.

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