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The Corona virus family has over 200 different members and this year we are witnessing the outbreak of new corona virus (nCov-2019) in the world. Every day new news and findings of this virus are released and of course our knowledge of the this new virus (nCov-2019) is not yet complete.

Although there has been controversial news about the animal being infected with the virus, but until the writing of this article ( 7th March 2020), according to the World Health Organization (WHO), still there is no scientific evidence confirming that the animal (especially pets and livestock) is infected with this type of corona virus. There is also no scientific evidence of the virus being transmitted through livestock or pets to humans.

According to the IDEXX veterinary laboratory service that is one of the world’s leading laboratory testing services, on March 13th, 2020, during the validation of its new veterinary testing system for Coronavirus, 3,500 dogs, cats and horses tested by PCR and no positive results were obtained from any of the samples.

At present, the best way to prevent this disease is by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water and disinfecting surfaces with detergents and alcohol solutions above 60%.





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