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The first poultry product of Kimia Biotechnology Co.

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                                                                     Tilmicosin 25% Oral Solution Each ml contains: Tilmicosin (Phosphate) 250 mg For the treatment of respiratory infections associated with Tilmicosin-susceptible micro-organisms such as Mycoplasma spp. Pasteurella multocida, Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia,…

new product: Glycocim

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For the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases in cattle susceptible to milk fever and ketosis Dosage form: Oral Solution Packaging: Bottle of 1 liter and 4 liter gallon.  


Navel cord infection in calves

The fetus feeds on the cow’s blood through the navel cord that is attached to the placenta and the fetus’s bladder enters the placenta through the cord. Cow give birth when the cattle site is not clean and disinfected, which can lead to navel cord infections, and which is why it is best to treat…

Are pets and animals carriers of new corona virus?

The Corona virus family has over 200 different members and this year we are witnessing the outbreak of new corona virus (nCov-2019) in the world. Every day new news and findings of this virus are released and of course our knowledge of the this new virus (nCov-2019) is not yet complete. Although there has been…

Salt deficiency in large livestock

In this article, we will discuss salt deficiency, a metabolic disease in large livestock. Factors that cause salt deficiency in large livestock include: 1) In lactation period, it is due to salt excretion through milk. 2) In growing cattle, low salt or free of salt diets (such as cereals) 3) In hot weather due to…

Edible Paraffin

Paraffin is a petrochemical product obtained from the purification of crude oil that has various toxic and non-toxic impurities. However paraffin is best known for its application in candle making, it can be produced by removing unwanted substances and purifying it into a pure paraffin, which is known as liquid paraffin. It is marketed to…

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