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  5. 18th Isfahan AgroFarm Exhibition and New Products

The 18th Isfahan Livestock, Poultry and Veterinary Exhibition from June 23th to 26th, 2020, with full observance of health protocols and social distancing and the presence of Kimia Biotechnology Company and welcoming the activists and reputable companies in the field of agriculture and veterinary medicine in the Isfahan province’s exhibitions center was held.

In addition to numerous meetings with individuals and active companies in the field of veterinary medicine in the country, Kimia Biotechnology Co. introduced three new products in this period of the exhibition.

Two topical ointments, Phenylbutazone 5% and Neomycin 1%, which are used to heal skin wounds and relieve inflammation caused by such wounds, as well as Tetracycline 3% topical ointment, which is produced for the first time in the country in the field of veterinary drugs, were unveiled products in this exhibition.

Stay tuned for more products.

We look forward to seeing you at future exhibitions.


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